Over the years No Limits have earned a reputation for being friendly, approachable and running great trackdays. We pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome regardless of age, gender or ability and ensuring they get the most out of their trackday. But don't just take our word for it.....

Although it was quite scary, the thrill was amazing! Mark Stanton looked after me along with all the No Limits crew and thanks to Mark, my confidence grew and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I came back to the Anglesey track in October 2012 and I am now hooked. Although I might not be the fastest, I love the fact that I'm the one out there having a go rather than watching from the pit lane!

I highly recommend the No Limits team as not only do they look after their customers, they are also more than willing to help improve anyone's riding and are a down to earth bunch and very approachable. So if you are thinking of doing a track day, old or young, experienced or not, get booked on with these guys.

Jenny P

I'm an experienced trackdayer, I did my first trackday with No Limits and I can honestly say year in, year out, No limits have consistently run a fantastic service. They genuinely make you feel like you are a part of a family business, I can quite happily turn up to a trackday by myself and guarantee I will leave with new friends.

I can also pretty much thank them personally for my rider development, through all the free instruction they've provided I have seen a steady rise from novice into the fast group.

Andy F

Even from the phone call to book my trackday the guys in the office put my mind at ease, despite my lack of experience as a rider. On the trackday, I accepted No Limits' offer of free instruction, and after several laps accompanied by an instructor, received honest feedback. I will never break any land speed records but what is guaranteed is a whole heap of fun. An experience truly addictive by its very nature.

No Limits are an exceptionally well organised, professional & friendly company. I can't wait for the spring, knowing that my next track day is just a call away. I extend my grateful thanks to all the crew for an amazing day despite the rain.

Melissa D

I started trackdays at the Anglesey Circuit. No Limits not only made me feel welcome by giving fantastic instruction but they made the day fun and consequently meant I went back for more - 5 more! The photography provided is brilliant and the whole No Limits team are just spot on people! I can't recommend them highly enough. See you again soon.

Rachel L

I would recommend a track day with No Limits to anyone..... my god..... sex on 2 wheels! Matt and his dad from www.smallboystrackbikes.co.uk were great, Matt talked me through things, adjusted the bike to fit, and sent me on my way, I was encouraged each time I left the paddock, and given verbal pats on the back upon each return. This was an experience I'll never forget, and you can guarantee my friends and I WILL be returning and using Matt's bikes with No Limits again in the future.


I've used No Limits since the mid nineties and their relaxed attitude and well organised approach makes for the perfect day at the track - always with friendly, helpful, professional biking people on hand to complete the day. No Limits = No Regrets - will be seeing you again this year.

Paul J

I booked Snetterton 300 with No Limits for my very first track day. I was very nervous about the day but all the staff on site were friendly and welcoming right from the get go - at the briefing and throughout the day. I was put at ease immediately and I did not feel at a disadvantage or put under any pressure for being a trackday 'newbie' (and female!).

Advice is always available and I took up the offer of free track instruction which really helped with my confidence round the track. Even though it rained most the day I had such a blast and didn't want the day to end! I cannot wait to book my next trackday with No Limits again soon. Thank you to all at No Limits for creating a fantastic trackday!

Luci H

I was at Oulton a few months ago, it was my first track day so I was quite nervous and on my commuter. After a couple of sessions I went out with Matt who showed me the proper lines for the track. He advised me that I wasn't moving enough on the bike and wasn't using the entire track.

After the session he came over to the garage were my bike was and showed me just how I should be moving on the bike. The sessions after that were great, everything clicked, and I even stopped hitting my foot on the floor mid corner. I am now much more confident on the road and have even bought a track bike, poor wallet!

Alex M

The No Limits team were helpful, happy and honest. All round brilliant, couldn't have been better. Look forward to many more trackdays with you guys Thank you!

Nicole F

Our track day adventure was on 5th July 2012 at Donington Race Circuit. We arrived early as instructed, personnel at the gate were great and directed us to the pits, found out pit garage, found our two GSXR 600’s ready and waiting with Matt at Smallboys. We then went off to the briefing. It is here that the guys from No Limits set out the day, the format, the flags and most importantly the rules. This made me more comfortable that this day was going to be safe and one to remember.

I must have got overtaken 50 times on the first session, but seriously, I didn’t give a s***, I was on the same track that Rossi and Stoner had rode, I felt safe that the lads riding around me knew the rules and would respect me as I would them. In the whole day, I can honestly say that I had no incidents with anyone on track as they all obeyed the rules, there were marshal’s aplenty, first aid if needed and lots of No Limits people to talk to for advice - oh yeah and free tea/coffee.

I took 12 seconds off my lap time in one day, was I pleased? Definitely! Already booked again. No Limits….don’t think about, just do it and never look back.