Croft is subject to stringent noise control and therefore bike trackdays at this North Yorkshire circuit are limited in number.


Croft is subject to stringent noise control and therefore bike trackdays at this North Yorkshire circuit are limited in number. What it lacks in terms of quantity though, it certainly makes up for in quality and it is often described as the best kept secret in British motorsport. Built on a former RAF airfield, Croft has had a chequered history with periods of decline and closure but since a major redevelopment in 1997 has attracted major motorsport events including BSB.  The circuit is fast, narrow and flat with long straights and challenging sections that make it physically demanding but immense fun.  Once you've mastered the likes of the tricky Clervaux, fast Barcroft, swooping Sunny In and Out and the ultra tight Hairpin you'll be rewarded with a huge sense of satisfaction. 

Croft is a well kept venue with a paddock complex and plenty of viewing for spectators. 

It is with sadness that we have to announce that our instructor Darren Warner (better known as Woody) has been struggling to fight cancer of the esophagus and has unfortunately now been diagnosed as untreatable with approx 12 months to live, dependent on how aggressive the cancer is. Darren is only in his early 40's and has just celebrated his first wedding anniversary. He has also celebrated his daughters recent birth.

Darren has been an instructor and friend to all of us for over 7 years and we would therefore like to support his family where we can.

Croft is Darrens local circuit and they love Darren as much as we do. We have therefore organised a fundraiser with Crofts help for the 1st September where we will run a trackday with raffle and other events.

For those of you that cannot join us but wish to donate please do so via this link. Thank you for your support!

Circuit length: 2.1m
Petrol: 3m South at North Cowton Service Station
Pit Garages: Available, first come first serve basis
Catering: Mobile catering available
Noise Limit: 102 dB
Power: Available in garages
Groups: 3 groups
Animals: Not allowed
Children: Allowed
Camping: Not Available,
Start times: 0745 sign on / 0830 briefing / 0930 tracktime
General requirements: Full zip together leathers
Helmet with ACU gold standard Noise Limit: 102dB

Bike MUST have rev counter for testing, no exceptions

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