Clothing & Bike Prep

Clothing & Bike Prep

Bike Preparation

Riding on track is a different discipline to riding on the road. Follow our expert's advice to make your trackday enjoyable and successful.

Tape up, take off or turn in your mirrors. You should not be able to see behind you in your mirrors, this is very likely to distract your attention and may cause you to lose control of your bike.... you should be focusing ahead of you not behind.

You should also tape up your speedo. Just use your rev counter.

Lower your tyre pressures. This is especially relevant for road bike riders. Your tyres will become much hotter when you ride on track than when you ride on the road, and this will cause the pressure to increase. The weather conditions and the speed at which you ride will play a part in how much you drop your pressures, so do take advice from our tyre experts on the day.


Trackday Clothing & Equipment

The following are essential for your safety and comfort:

A full leather 1-piece race suit or a fully zipped together 2-piece. The zip must encircle your torso, and there should be no gap between the jacket and the trousers when the zip is done up.

An ACU (gold sticker) safety helmet or equivalent which must be properly fastened.

Motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle boots 

Please do not wear other types of gloves or boots, as you will not have adequate protection should you come off your bike.

A back protector is also a good idea and these are available to hire if you don't have one - details below. You may consider wet-weather gear.

Other items that you may consider:

Visor demister


Back Protector Hire

For added peace of mind, we offer hire of back protectors in a variety of sizes at all our trackdays. We use the Forcefield Pro L2 protector, renowned for its flexibility and safety standards so you be assured of maximum protection without compromising on comfort. Back protector hire can be easily added at the same time as you book your trackday. 

For more information about Forcefield Back Protectors, please visit their website.

Front Brake Lever Guard

From January 2021, you will be required to use a front brake lever guard on all UK and European No Limits Trackdays. A front brake lever guard protects the front brake lever from a sudden impact, the likes of when you could "clip" another rider whilst on track. They have been mandatory at MotoGP, WSBK, BSB and all UK club racing for many years.

No Limits recommends a GBRacing lever guard and these can be purchased from our parts and tyres section of the website.